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Optimization Through Innovation
Data & Marketing Consulting

Data, Technology & Analytics for Marketing


We are a consultancy with a strong focus on data strategy, – technology, -analytics and -optimisation in the context of marketing. Our clients range from international companies and upcoming SMEs from the business fields of fashion, real estate, lottery, legal consultancy, furniture retailer, agencies and marketers et al.

Data Strategy

Data is empowerment. We plan your marketing data and data management architechture with technology solutions tailored to the needs of your company.

Data Analytics

Analytics is the motor of decision making. Understand your customers and marketing investments through descriptive and prescriptive data models and visualisation.

Data Management

Organisation in data is key. We support you in the integration of data management solutions (ETL, Data Warehose, Data Lake)

Marketing Technology

Software for your case. Whether you wish to implement tracking systems, DSPs, enrich your data or are looking to increase your ad sales revenue, we help you chose and implement the right software.

Marketing Controlling

Leverage return on investment. We help you to optimize your marketing spending with comprehensive analysis and optimisation using your data.

Martech Audits

Connecting the dots. We analyse and test your technical setup to eliminate data silos, fix data collection issues and connect independent systems.

Optimise your data strategy with us!