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Marketing Operations & Strategy

We help clients to structure their digital marketing, optimize their operations, and choosing agencies by carefully analysing their business needs and harnessing data of their company.

Along multiple applications we provide insight and consulting on the following key questions:

  • How to build a digital marketing unit?
  • How to structure and combine communication channels?
  • What portion of the budget should I invest in digital channels?
  • What areas of digital should I focus on?
  • Which technology should be prioritized?


Together with our clients we build analytics driven organisations. We analyse first party data collection of our clients and develop strategies on mining and enriching them. Through this we help our clients gaining new insights and empower their decision making.

We partner with our clients to answer among other the following questions:

  • How can we aggregate our data to gain new insights on our customers?
  • What software solutions and infrastructure should I implement and invest in?
  • What are concrete insights of the companies data?
  • How can we build visual aids and dashboards?


Collecting and storing data is posing a challenge especially after the introduction of GDRP in Europe. We also experienced accelerated multiplication of tools within the technical landscape of Marketing. To cope with these challenges we help our clients selecting and implementing user tracking and analytics solutions.

We guide our clients by supporting the with solutions to following questions:

  • What and by which criteria should I choose marketing technology solutions?
  • What strategy is best for driving customer acquisition?
  • How can we increase efficiency and effectiveness of our advertising through technology and insights?

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