Analytics & Optimization

Empowerment for your decision making

Data always tells a story; we just need to listen. Viewing your data in a different way can provide a new perspective to your analysis. We help our clients with beautiful visualisation in the dashboard solution of their choice.

We understand data and support you on leveraging it for your decision-making process. Using descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive statistical analysis, we help our clients optimising their ROI. With partnerships with leading marketing mix modelling experts and academic practical researchers in the field, we can help you gain insights on your customers, customer segments, their purchase behaviour as well as your adjusted customer-lifetime-value, your optimal marketing-mix and your marginal returns in a cross-channel-perspective.

We offer a wide range of services, from business intelligence to get state of the art analysis with understandable insights on your company’s KPIs, over to general marketing controlling, to make your investments as effective as possible.

Our solutions

Marketing Controlling & Optimisation

Leverage return on investment. We help you to optimise your marketing spending with comprehensive analysis and optimisation using your data using simple descriptive statistics over to econometric models.

Customer Insights & Analytics

We partnered up with leading researchers and modelling experts to provide valuable insights on complex analysis to provide you insights customer behaviour, consumption propensity and lifetime value. We help you to empower your decision making if you want to improve investment or creative work.

Business Intelligence & Data Visualisation

Using your preferred data visualisation software, we design and create beautiful dashboards with live connections to external data sources enabling you a real time overview of your important marketing and management KPIs.

Our tools


Analyse your data with us!