Data Management & Strategy

Harness the power of your data

Data collection is the house, data management is its fundament. Without a solid ground, data becomes rather a burden then a powerful tool for insights. Often the most trivial questions pose a large effort to answer, as our data is scattered throughout multiple data sources, files, and reports within our company.

With our comprehensive background in marketing, we not only understand how your data is structured but know where it is created, stored, and used. This makes us the optimal sparring partner to define your data strategy and to structure information for your analysis. Combined with our technical knowledge we support you in structuring and implementing comprehensive data management solutions whilst keeping the setup scalable, maintainable, and reliable.

We help you defining nomenclatures throughout markets, products, and channels; find missing links between data while filling in the gaps; help building your data strategy for your data driven digital transformation process; and help you select, integrate, and structure you data management.

Our solutions

Data Management Architecture

"All that needs to be done before really getting started", that's Data Management Architecture. This includes creating cross country and channel nomenclatures, data models, project and integration planning defining your key data.

Data Governance and Security

We create the framework for your data usage, to avoid future complications. This improves not only your data quality and security, but also helps to guarantee the lawful usage of data.

Data Management

Organisation in data is key. We support you in the integration of data management solutions tailored to your budget, data and requirements. We help you integrate Data Warehousing solutions with Cloud Services and ready made ETL solutions.

Our Tools

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