Marketing Technology

Technical solutions tailored to your needs

We collect data for a purpose; thus, all marketing technology integrations start with a question. Throughout the years we helped our clients integrate analytics software, tracking solutions, DSPs, SSPs and DMPs. With marketing software, we are not loyal to any brand as not all software solutions are created equal and vary in terms of service, functionality and pricing.

We not only help our clients choosing the marketing technology which best suits their needs and budget, we manage the integration project and if required integrate the solution ourselves.

As with all our work, our goal is to provide scalable, maintainable and reliable solutions for our clients, not just the next shiny toy.

Our Offer

User & Behavioral Analytics

We create scalable tracking solutions, to provide you insights into your users and customers, while advising on GDPR conformity. We asses your needs and create the building blocks for tracking solutions which stand the test of scale and time.

Inventory Management & DMP

Independent where you stand in the supply chain, we can help you with the integration of your Ad Inventory Platform. Our tech background allows us multi-layered setups for ad placements, tag management, pixel management and waterfall model solutions.

Attribution & Cross Channel Tracking

Understanding customer behaviour through the power of data is essential for your decision making. We help you build your data collection and tracking strategy by leveraging the tools best suitable for your goals.

Selection of our tools

oracle compact
salesforce kompakt

Optimise your marketing technology with us!